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Welcome to Beneficial Bio intern Charlotte Guffick

Beneficial Bio is thrilled to welcome Charlotte Guffick who joins us for three months to support Beneficial Bio's philanthropic fundraising goals and develop a training framework for our manufacturing nodes.

Charlotte is a 3rd Year PhD Student at the Pharmacology Department at University of Cambridge, studying antibiotic resistance and the mechanisms of bacterial membrane transporters.

She says "Throughout my PhD I have witnessed first-hand how essential low cost, simple and speedy access to reagents is essential for growth of research and innovation. My passion for research stems from a desire to investigate causes of diseases most effecting those in low and middle income countries. Hearing Dr Jenny Molloy present the work carried out by Beneficial Bio was very inspirational and  I am very grateful to start working with as part of her team for a three month internship, funded by the BBSRC DTP.  I am looking forward to getting started planning funding applications for Beneficial Bio and developing module framework for training nodes of Beneficial Bio that are producing proteins for molecular biology"

We look forward to working with Charlotte in the coming week and months!