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BenBio DNA Gel Stain
BenBio DNA Gel Stain
BenBio DNA Gel Stain

BenBio DNA Gel Stain

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Made in Cameroon DNA gel Stain for sample preparation and loading on agarose gels.


Format: 1 ml

Beneficial Bio DNA Gel Stain is a conventional nucleic acid staining reagent. The DNA gel stain compares favorably to common staining methods, in that it is sensitive, excitable with both UV or blue light (to prevent sample damage), which make it suitable for downstream experiments and safer than ethidium bromide and therefore can be generally disposed of with common chemical waste.


Preparation of agarose gels for visualisation of DNA after electrophoresis. 


  • Easy to Use: Classic DNA gel stain, View and document your results as you would with EtBr staining.
  • Support dual visualisation: results can be viewed under UV light or blue light.
  • Safety: Safer alternative to toxic Ethidium Bromide (EtBr).


 Product Manual 

Product Specification Sheet (PSS) 

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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