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Shaking Incubator Kit [COMING SOON]

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The MboaLab Shaking Incubator is an affordable option for microbiology and molecular biology laboratories and is custom built by our team based in Yaoundé , Cameroon or provided as a kit for construction in under a day in your own lab.

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Characteristics: Orbital shaker up to 260 rpm and 3kg supported weight.

Robustness: 7 mm acrylic allows appropriate heat insulation and equipment’s robustness.

Arduino based: the incubator is automated by 2 Arduino system: Arduino nano for shaker control and Arduino Uno for Temperature control.

Fast heat incrementation: the powerful heat source (4 light bulbs) allow the shaker incubator to reach and stabilize desired temperature (ambient to 70 °C) in less than 10 min.

Easy to operate: Easy program input thanks to keyboard panel; Speed control through a potentiometer.

Easy to clean and disinfect: Made in acrylic, the shaker incubator can be easily cleaned and disinfected.


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