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A Bioreactor Accessible To Research

Have you ever dreamed of producing the enzymes needed for your research directly in your own lab?

At Beneficial Bio, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, Cambridge-dt and Cambridge Biomakespace we are working on an open-source, customizable, low-cost bioreactor that can be built by everyone, everywhere. 

Grow your bacteria and express your enzyme of choice controlling the temperature, pH and aeration of your culture. Add up to four completely customizable inlet/outlet pumps. The process is controlled by an Arduino board, and the program code is fully open source and ready for customization. The system offers a simple to operate design, which is easy to sterilize and clean.

You will be able to order the individual parts listed on the bioreactor manual or order our bioreactor assembly kit, inclusive of ready-to-assemble parts and instruction manual.

A great asset for your research and to teach biotechnology to undergraduate and graduate students alike. 

We are here to help empower your research.