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BenBio RapidBuffer Borax Sachets
BenBio RapidBuffer Borax Sachets

BenBio RapidBuffer Borax Sachets

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Made in Cameroon Electrophoresis buffer sachets to speed up your electrophoresis runs and save you time.


    Format: 1L (10X) Buffer/Sachet

    Beneficial Bio RapidBuffer is an excellent alternative to traditional TBE (TRIS borate-EDTA) and TAE (TRIS acetate-EDTA) electrophoresis buffers. RapidBuffer allows for higher voltage runs, fast running times, and high-resolution band separation even for <1KB DNA fragments.

    Just pouring a sachet in water is sufficient to obtain a large volume of stock solution of Nucleic acid electrophoresis running buffer that can be easily diluted to 1x or 0.5x before use in gel electrophoresis.


    • Easy to use - Just pour a sachet in water 
    • High resolution of <1KB DNA fragments
    • Better conductivity - No overheat at high voltages - Superfast migration (10-15min run time at 200 V compared to 25-30 min needed with TBE at 100 V)
    • Enhanced buffering capacity - Supports many consecutive runs
    • Eco formulation: Ideal for educational and research purposes


    Running buffer for nucleic acid electrophoresis, analysing DNA fragments from PCR
    amplification, DNA isolation protocols.


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