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Kplus DNA Ladder (ready to use)
Kplus DNA Ladder (ready to use)

Kplus DNA Ladder (ready to use)

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  • Convenient, ready-to-load format
  • Size range: from 100 bp to 10 kb
  • Easy to identify reference bands


A unique combination of plasmids digested with restriction enzymes and PCR products that yield 19 fragments ranging from 100 bp to 10 Kb. The 500 bp, 1.5 kb and 3 kb bands have increased intensity for reference. DNA was phenol extracted and equilibrated to 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0) and 10 mM EDTA. The recommended load is 5 μl /well. The Kplus DNA ladder contains orange G, xylene cyanol FF and bromophenol blue as tracking dyes.

Storage at

  • Room temperature up to 6 months
  • -4°C up to 1 year
  • 20°C up to 2 years

Read the full protocol in English and French